Hey guys. I usually plug my guitar into my computer using amplitube for fx. The other day, some how the 1/4 to 1/8 converter ripped out the input hole. Today I went out and got a new sound card. Its a newer version of the same one as my old one or a better one actually. Anyways, after a long pain staking process of trial and error I finally got the damn thing to work. This was with my old card which is now ripped out of the computer and in the garbage. After this one was put in I cant seem to get it to work. Theres a whole new ton of problems I dont even know where to start with.

First off..

Theres this loud screech coming from through the speakers when the guitar is connected. When amplitube isnt on a i get a nice clean tone. A tad crunchy but clean. When I open up amplitube the screeching starts and litterally ear shattering. The input levels are through the roof but the output levels are fine like when I had my other card. I tried lowering the level but it still screeches...only mutes it a tiny bit.

When I go into settings, amplitube says that I have no asio drivers whatsoever. I just downloaded asio drivers. it says There are no Creative audio products installed and running on the system that support Asio.

Can someone please help me. My amp is so crap. While its not even a 10 watt. Some estaban peice of **** lol. I could never go back to that!

Any help is appreciated.
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