So i just got a jackson MG wrmg warrior.. I broke a string havin too much fun with the floatin bridge.. so i restrung it with the same stings it came with (9-46) so i try to tune it and i get it in tune and i see that the action is soooo high wtf i don't understand why the action is so high its not like there thicker strings... so i decide to put another spring in.. still too high so i add another now its wayyyy too low n u cant eaven pull on the wammy bar u can only push down.. so now im pissed.. any help? i don't wanna have to pay someone to tune my guitar that would be soooo lame!!!
Dude search about floating bridges on UG or the internet, if its ur first floating bridge guitar, then i dont blame you, its pretty obvious ur bridge has sinked or raised from the body

Ill briefly give u some advice, after tuning, DONT LOCK THE LOCKING NUTS YET, anyways after tuning (still no locking nuts) check ur bridge, if its raised from the body or has sunk in the body, its MUST BE PARALLEL TO THE BODY. So in order to make it parallel, take of ur tremolo cavity in the bak and if the bridge is raised, tighten the screws, if its sunk, loosen the screw