Well I have about $830 (Canadien) burning a whole in my pocket and I want a new guitar.
I currently have an Ibanez RGT42 http://www.zzounds.com/item--IBARGT42BP (with the licenced floyd rose , before they started giving them the crappy Edge 3 or w.e) any ways I love this guitar to death but I want a guitar with a fixed bridge

so what do you all think of this here GEETAR!!


Personaly I think it looks gorgeous and if it sounds or plays anything like the RGT42 Im sold.
looks nice
not too sure about the pickups, you might wanna change them after a while

what style you playing?
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Quote by wonkavill01
Well I have aboot $830 (Canadien)


That's a sweet looking guitar. I haven't played that particular model, but similar ones. Anyway, the Prestige models are generally high quality. Compared to you your RG, it will be a better guitar, but tha pickups aren't much better (get some better ones). The S style guitars are smaller and lighter than RGs, but they're very comfortable to play. The neck will feel pretty much the sam, but it's only got 22 frets (which might be a nuisance if you're actually using the two highest frets on the RG).