who's goin???
I AM!!!!!!!!!!!
hb any of u guys
btw tickets went on sale at noon today(friday)
its kind of on the border between west and centeral la
its on wilshire and vermont avenue if u wanna look it up
Avenged sevenfold?

I'd go..

...if I had a time-machine.


didn't you make a thread about this concert like 2 days ago...

anyways...it's really not the type of concert to make a big deal about. i don't dislike them but they're not anything special to begin with and i've heard nothing good about their live shows
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i saw them here in vegas... i refused to like them ever since... they acted like their band was a life style or something... they need to learn to worry less about their image and more on their music
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I envy you

i've been waiting three years to see them