Hey guys, how does this look for a new rig? goin for a G-400, and a Palomino V16.

I play mostly classic rock, alt, some blues, and a little bit of metal. My budget is around 800 dollars. Anyone see anything wrong with it? Suggestions? Tips for a pedal perhaps?
hmm..maybe you could try a tele but that wouldnt help with the metal. or maybe a dot?..the amp seems pretty good though...sorry im not much help.

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Pedals...Tubescreamer, or a Jekyll abd Hyde OD/Distortion. And if u havent done so already, try out a Les Paul Studio. same price.
Bah, i'd get a SSH or HSH strat/ibanez instead of a G-400.
As for the amp, good choice. Atleast you're not looking into a spider or an MG.
But... for that price, go used. You can find peavey classic 30's for 350 bucks used. That's the only way you should really buy amps... used. Unless you don't mind spending more money on a worse amp just because it's newer. You'll need a pedal to push it into metal territory though.
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I dont mind buying new, just because it wont be as big of a hit as normal because I get around 20% off at guitar center at this point. So I figure I will spend a little bit more for a new amp. That and I'm way too scared to spend that kind of money on ebay, I just worry about getting a dud over the internet.
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yeah that amp imo is great for classic rock although the distortion can get pretty nasty also so thats good for metal, but if you play more metal you would probably want a pedal. idk about the guitar haven't tried that out.
Sounds like a decent blues rig to me. Play that SG on the neck pickup, a little distortion (minimal) and master volume on 4.