I've been asking around here for a long time now and I've played on the thing plenty of times at a local shop and Guitar Center, but I was finally able to order an Ibanez S520EX from Musiciansfriend.com.

My question is: Do they supply the whammy bar along with the guitar?

Normally it's not a very big deal if they don't, but with the ZR Tremolo systems they have a different input shape then any other tremolo, so you can't just pop any bar in...I'd have to special order from Ibanez and I have no clue how long that would take.

Does anyone have a clue if it will or not?
Yes, it comes with the Ibanez package, so they do.
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I already asked them and got no response on the phone nor over email support two days ago.

And thanks Tselman for answering me.