ok so im kind of stuck here. i really like the esp 1000 because of the number of frets and the pickups. what i like about the jr is that its a jr! plus its pretty cheap and i heard some good things about the p-90. what i was wondering was which would be more versatile...i play alternative, pop punk, indie stuff through a peavey valveking (lol?). if you guys could help me. i would, again, try these out but my local shop, dag GC, doesnt carry either..maybe the jr. but yet to see one.

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ESP FTW. beautiful guitar and great quality. friend has it.
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For what you are playing a P90 guitar may be great, and the Japanese Epi's tend to be very nice quality guitars. Don't know about the ESP. I'd like to have that Epi myself. Single coils through my Valveking sound great, and a P90 has more power to drive the tubes than a Strat single, which is what I am using. Blues out the wazoo.
the epiphone guitar should be no more than 500 at any brand name, it's a simple (yet has amazing tone, don't get me wrong) guitar, the EC-1000 is equally amazing, but more versatile in my opinion , which makes it the better buy, it's all preference really