How is one suppose to let the tubes "warm up" in standby with the Champ 600? it has no standby switch, should I just switch it on and leave it for a minute?


Thanks for the amp advice from all the uger's from my other "wattage for recording" thread.
Well, if it's a tube amp that has only one switch, usually when you flip it on, it won't emit sound for 10-15 seconds. That's your tubes warming up.

EDIT: At least that's what I thought.
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yes... just turn it on and make sure the volume is on zero... then after a mintue turn it up to whatever you want

^ you could be i mean when i think about it, there arent really that many tubes to warm up so what you said makes sense... but i like my own bakwards way of doing things.
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The original Champs had tube rectifiers, which eliminates the need for a standby switch.

The SS rectifier and the lack of a standby switch on the Champion 600 is just cost cutting. Your tubes will wear out faster than normal, and there not really anything you can do about it.
^ That helps a bit, but it's definitely not a substitute for the slow warmup up of a tube rectifier or a standby switch.
Keep the guitar's volume on 0 for a minute or two.
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