Just find a hard case that fits it. That's all you have to look for in a case.
You can spend extra cash on one that protects it more. But since electrics are pretty sturdy and the hardcases are usually pretty rugged, you should be fine with a standard hard case.
For acoustics you almost need a hardcase.
Call me Wes.
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oh man...i have been trying to get the jackson dinky/soloist hardcase since I got the guitar back in may. It isn't in stock anywhere and its been on back order all this time. Its estimated i'll get it in a week so if i remember ill drop you a PM
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yes pm if you dont mind. guitar is on the way and i was just going to grab a case off ebay and didnt know which to get.
Aren't those Jackson hard cases around 200 bucks? Well that was what the guy in the shop said...