Should I get a Marshall AMP or a Fender AMP and how many watt or which model??

Thank-You for answering i appriciate it!!!
Get a Marshall MG 10 watt .its all you will need
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^this thread is tooooo broad.

post WHICH Marshall AMP

and WHICH Fender AMP

they both have bad amps and good amps. (realllly pole to pole thing.)
Marshall got MGs and Plexis. Fender got Frontmans and Deluxe Reverbs.

ask the question in better detailed form.

also post: ur guitar, ur genre, ur budget.
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Quote by zanz1bar
Get a Marshall MG 10 watt .its all you will need

no marshall mg. dont go for brands, go for quality. get a roland cube, a vox valvetronix or a randall rg, but no mg

Quote by zanz1bar
Get a Marshall MG 10 watt .its all you will need

+10 awesome amp, beats a mesa dual rect

but seriously, what do u play, where do you play/volume, and whats ur budget?
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i have marshall MG 15 watts and its okay or mediorce to some kinds of rock but if u want a better amp but more exspensive go for a tube amp combo are half stack, i prefer tubes than solidstate