Hey everyone I don't know if this is the right thread to put this in if not i'm sorry. But a couple days ago my friend started to play his guitar again. So I pulled mine out of storage dusted it off and started to strum. Needless to say i'm hooked again. Last time I played was like a year ago and I wasn't really any good but still.

Is there a place that fully describes how to play and read tabs. Because I was looking at some and they have like that below, I don't understand that do you hold down on all those strings at once and strum all of the strings? Last time I played tabs you held down individual strings and plucked those strings.


And on tabs there is 2 E's which one is the thickest top string and which is bottom?

Thanks to anyone that attempts to help me in my adventure of playing the guitar
the capitol E is the thick string, and the e is the thinnest, highest string. you old down one string on the first fret, one string on the second fret, and a third on the third fret. there should be some tutorial in the forums on how to read tabs. or maybe on cyberfret.com.
Check the stickies in this forum, they should help with most of your troubles.
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