it's a Schecter C-1+ for $400 new, it's pretty awesome in my opinion. The fretboard feels awesome and i've been able to haul all over it already. The tone is amazing too, So i was just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on it, or feedback on the whole schecter name. I know schecter makes quality guitars, but what're your expieriences with them?
i have kinda mixed views about schecters, they sound awesome for the most part. but i just can't play one, the necks are awful imo
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you've made a great choice my friend i got mine for like...$500 though
black cherry....mmm
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i love my schecter, although it's been popping B strings like a mofo lately, i'll need to have it re-setup i guess and have them look at the saddles, it's an amazing guitar, basically the same as yours, just different cosmetics, enjoy man!