wow im really liking both grounded songs theyve got a great feel to them. both you and your drummer sound extremely talented i was just wondering if there would be any vocals on this i think it would song good if your singer can pull it off right.

feel free to listen to my songs if you want.
thanks, yeah the singer we have is in collage and can rarely come out and record so i will for sure re-post this after he gets a hold of it.

thanks for the crit
sounds cool, not my kind of music, but I like it. I like the intro a lot. Interesting style.

C4C? Mines on first page.
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It's a really strong riff and beat, but the lead guitar seems to paste over the rhythm guitar. In that respect, I think you should make it more present. I also think only about 50% of the soloing hits the mark - maybe its just the tone, and i think maybe one guitar is a tad out of tune (see :15), but some doesn't compliment the song that well. The layering gets pretty cool at times, however.

I love how it keeps coming back to the one riff, and the slow part at the end is pretty cool.

The party mix starts out awesome, and has some really cool play within the beats, but a fair bit of it is overdone.

still, it's a cool track.

return the favor?
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I love how the guitar parts overlap and then harmonize. The riffs and licks are really cool. Props for your creativity man. Also, I loved it around 2:20 when everything slows down and you go into that solo. I really enjoyed that as your use of bends and your prhasing is really smooth. All in all it's a killer track man (oh yeah, and the drums were thumping!).

Thanks for the crit also. I appreciate it.
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It's not bad. The legato lines kind of got old quick for me, though. The whole "hand rolling triplet" thing, I mean.

Soloing isn't bad. It's not great, but it's not bad. It's...passable. I mean, you were mostly diatonic, which is good. Idk, just wasn't feeling the expression though.

Pretty good stuff, though. Not bad, not great. Then again, it's really not the kind of music I'd listen to, so maybe I just have a negative bias.
Hmmm, very cool song.
Interesting unusual idea. But i noticed that you use similar legato licks on alot of your songs so try to change that up.
I loved that lead tone in the very begining but it was way to low compared to the other parts in the middle of the song.
At the breakdown some parts seemed out of tune.

Anyway , cool song but needs some driven lead i think
nice riffs. i feel abit of chili peppers. one thing i noticed is that you use the same lead riff on alot of your songs ( this and local indian rider) that riff is also annoying as hell. change that.

other than that it was really good. a more definative bassline would be nice.
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I like it, its a lot of fun, the guitar sound is great, very funky.
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Overall I like this.

The hat / cymbals are mixed a bit low, you need to boost the high end.

The snare feels a bit "cheap", it's got a nice punchy quality, but it's not so warm.

The playing is great, it's just a couple of the instruments in the mix which need a tweak.

Nice one. Cheers for the crit.
First crit for me so Lets see...

I like the track, especially the guitar. Some volume work may be in order though.

At this point its just a guitar pro piece.
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