A Pin On My Acoustic Is Loose And Comes Out Without The String Comeing Out How Do You Fix That
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Have u recently changed bridge pins or tried to alter them or your bridge?
cheapo maybe..?
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Im actually having a bit of trouble imagining your problem. A pic would help if possible.
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Make sure your stringing it correctly.
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Is it so loose that it just falls out any old time or is it popping out when you are tuning up?
Im guessing its new? U bought the guitar and it came like that?
Or has this just started to happen on an old guitar?
Hmm...well i guess that either the bridge pin itself or the hole in the bridge that it slots in to have worn over time. Id take it to a qualified tech n see wat they say, hopefully a new set of bridge pins will do the trick.
Yes, the degree of taper and diameter of the shaft vary along with the string slot width.