Hey guys I just got a new amp but I need a little help. I am used to having an amp with bass, treble and middle knobs but this new one only has shape and presence so can someone help give me directions on how to use it please?

Like which way to set them to get more bass and which way for treble etc.

Thanks heaps guys, Btw my amp is the Randall RG40R if that helps
I'm not sure, but I think that presence is a bit like treble, so turning it on more, to the right, gives you more treble. But I could be wrong. And I don't know about shape, but I'm guessing it does low or mids, being the opposite of presence.

But I don't know, maybe someone else does. Try playing around with one on neutral (12:00), and fiddling with the other knob.
Presence does control the high frequencies and shape probably refers to contour which is a mid control.