im trying to play online but i get a error message when i try to get into a server saying that my version of the game is higher than the version of the server. so i tried clicking same version only in the filters and only 1 server shows up. any help so i can play on any servers?
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first off thanks for the help

and im talking about the pc version

No one even helped you, lol.
reinstall the full patch it should be 500 mb or something. then change filters, look at the filters. Turn Punkbuster on, check same version. if the game is still not going, do a complete uninstall, meaning the files in the windows files to. you can check the EA site for the complete removal. that always fixes everything wrong with the game. This game is really Buggy, so you might have to do this several times. I've had this game since the first day it came out in june, i've gone through a crap load of problems from this game. the thing that fixes most problems is applying it over and over, meaning the patch, installing the game. goodluck, message me if u still have problems and i dig up some stuff
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Have you got the patch?

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