Sorry to do this again, but I got very few suggestions the last time around. I'm looking for decent mid-level songs to help boost my skill. I'm interested in both classical and contemporary stuff.

On the classical end, I can play Classical Gas (mostly, still stumbling here and there with the chord ascentions in the middle), Moonlight Sonata, and Bouree in Em as well as Romanza. On the contemporary end, I can play the basic stuff (Wish you were here, Over the hills and far away, etc) as well as some more difficult stuff like Pinball Wizard, The Ocean (Zep), and Hey Joe.

I fingerpick, so songs along those lines would be good also, but I'm interested in pretty much everything in the spectrum, from classical to hard rock to metal.

Again, sorry to make 2 of these threads, but I've been through the song thread and I've looked around elsewhere online and I'm honestly at an impasse. Any suggestions would be greatly appriciated.

Thanks in advance