This is a general question reguarding most amps, I have an RMSG80 , celestion speaker... When I turn the volume up, from null, I have to barely touch it, if I go too far, I practically shake the earth it seems, of course, I LOVE this..... When i'm the only person in the house which is.... 1% outta the week, otherwise people want to strangle me when it happens... Are all amps this way in terms of volume control, is it an overdrive type effect going on or what? Given that I've BARELY turned the volume up at all. I WOULD just use the volume on my guitar, however, unless I have the volume on the guitar turned up I don't get the appropriate ammount of distortion.

So anyone know what the deal is, with amp/guitar volume?
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In general there are a lot of amps that do this. It has to do with the taper of the volume pot. What kind of amp do you have? Do you have a master volume? Tube or solid state?
An RMS-G80 , 40 watt, No master volume, has two channels with seperate volumes, channel one being distortion orientated , which is the one I have problems with, channel two being clean, which, come to think of it, scales nicely when turning up the volume. Solid state amp.
The only way you might get around the volume jump is to use a distortion pedal and use the volume knob on the pedal or just use the volume knob on your guitar. You don't want to pay someone to replace the amp's volume control, as you will be getting a better amp later.
Ahhh, didn't think about that. I'll try useing my effects pedals' volume control and see how well it works out, thank you!