I played this guitar a while ago and I loved it. Although, I wanted to find out a little more about it, but I can't seem to find what wood it is made out of...Ibanez doesn't even have it on their site... and Guitar Center and Musician's Friend don't say it.... Does anyone know?
Also, if you've played it, what was your impression?
Dunno, but it is amazing and I want it lol.
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I think it is basswood, I played it and thought it was nice, I probably would have got it if i didnt find my Ibanez rg550ex for so cheap.
yeah this is a mystery! its in the catalogue, but shortly after the 2007 range came out they pulled them off all the websites.

i wanna know what happened here!
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Not really, it plays amazing and sounds awesome. String thru and neck thru? Sustain out the ass!
After an Xbox 360, a Peavey Valveking 212...This or a Rhoads V style guitar will be my next purchase...Then a new acoustic, possibly an Ibanez Artwood AW40.
All the reviews I've read praise it for it's price. Anyone have a first hand account with it here?
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They took out the VBT-700 because it was a limited production or something.

I still see several of them at Guitar center...Also, no website has said that Ibanez has discontinued this model or anything, either.
Mmm, when you went to the Ibanez website and looked at the VBT it said on the bottom "Limited Run" then they took it out. Guitar Center's can still have them since they had gotten some more VBT's before the run ended, but they havent been selling.
I'm pretty sure it was discontinued because of lawsuit.It had the Micheal Ammott shape.
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Yeah, you're most likely right. It was pretty close to the same...Never noticed that before.
Suppose I'll just get a RR3 then.

Edit:On second though...I'll still get the V Blade. I'll be able to find it somewhere, most likely guitar center.
There probably will be at least a few left in a couple of months...I should have bought the 360 by then.
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the V Blade is an amazing guitar...period, its got a Mahogany body too, and I believe a 5 Piece Maple and Walnut neck.