both for under 450$ any suggestions. Im a beginner so yea please help!
Squier Vintage Modified P or J bass(not fretless) with a Fender rumble amp or a Line 6 lowdown combo.
GK Backline 70 watt

Ibanez GSR 200

i haven't tried the amp before, but GK has some pretty solid amps, great tone, durable, and the bass is a great beginner bass, it plays pretty nice, the electronics and hardware aren't to bad for a beginner bass, and it has both p and j pickups, which don't sound to bad
avoid the backlines actually. the GK sbx and rb series are great, but the backlines are just as crummy as any other beginner amp.

i suggest the roland cube30, or any fender rumble series.
for bass the peavey millenium bxp, or squire standards.
What would be better A OLP MM2 and a 350$ amp or 450$ for a bass and an amp?
im thinking the ibanez gsr 200 and a fender rumble 15. That any good for a beginner?
Spend a little extra on the guitar, and back off on the cost of the amp. Here are two other Ibanez's with a little more to 'em for only 100 or so more bucks:



You're bound to get frustrated with a lower quality guitar, even if you have the best sounding amp in the world.
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