I want to paint a guitar of mine, and it's my first project of the sort, and in every tutorial I read theres a lot of talk about "staining", but noboby explains what's the, well, the stain. Can it be bought, or do I have to mix something myself, or what?
Sorry for the lack of knowladge, English is not my native language, as I'm German, living in Portugal, maybe it's just a common English term I don't know.
Thanks for helping me out here.
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i think a stain is like a common wood stain in this case, which darkens the wood and brings out the grain more. Most of the time u can buy the stuff in different shades.
I see, well, I guess I gotta find out what it is called in portuguese...
all the world's indeed a stage and we are merely players
Minwax is probably the most common. Wood stain is exactly that, a stain designed to change the coloration of wood. Do yourself a huge favor and try it on some scrap wood first, it never comes out the exact color shown on the can, and you need to have an idea of the technique of using it to.

A quick primer...

Cut a couple of rags out of an old, well worn T-shirt. Dip one in stain, rub it into the wood, wipe off while still wet with the other rag. Some stain will stay, slightly coloring the wood. Let that dry and check the color. If you want it darker, repeat. Try not to get it on there too thick, and definitely avoid dripping any on the wood. DO NOT use a paintbrush, it will go on way too thick and most likely run, stain is a lot thinner than paint, more like water, and is not intended to be applied the same way. In the end, you're basically rubbing the color in rather than painting it on. Once you get good at it you can gauge how much stain to use and just rub it in with one rag, kind of spreading it so to speak, with just a small amount of stain at a time.

I have a close friend who refinishes furniture for a living, but she's out of town, I'll check with her when she gets back and see if she has any more good tips.
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If you look up "dye" in an English/Portugese dictionary, it comes up with "cor, tintura"... Don't know if that helps. German is "Beize", I think... Which is close in pronounciation to "bejdse", which is the Danish word.
what's involved in painting a clear-somewhat clear guitar?

staining the wood, and then a clear coat?
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