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How much should i sell my mg100 half stack for?

6 Months old barely used.

You probably couldn't five it away...

unless you find another noob. Sell it to some emo kid.
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As much as I love marshalls. MG's are garbage.
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i sold my MG30 for $130. the guy was really happy. does that give u a clue?
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Save it and give it to your kids. Or better yet find some kid in the neighborhood you hate and give it to him/her.
see if anyone in your area has a vht head they are willing to trade
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see if anyone in your area has a vht head they are willing to trade


Anyone willing to swap a VHT for an MG must be in an asylum so I'm sure they won't mind if you just take it
yeah i guess graigslist will work........

yes ur offer did get shot down