I've been playing bass since January, but haven't done anything like scales, or learn theory, so could someone tell me what to learn first, like basic scales and that stuff?
Maybe links or tabs?
(thumbsup) Though I m a big fan of Rouge stuff, so obligatory to me posting in a thread like this.

Though, what kinda style do you play? What kinda sound ARE you looking for?
I play stuff like Bullet For My Valentine, all the way to Blink-182 So Metal, Rock, Punk Rock, and Punk Pop

I like the way that bass looks, but can you give me pros/cons?
I don't really know what kind of wood, pickups, ect. when looking for a bass

Edit: That bass is almost the same as the squire p bass I have right now.....is it that much better?
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Edit: That bass is almost the same as the squire p bass I have right now.....is it that much better?

No. A rogue really wouldn't be an upgrade from a Squire P. Or as the fitz would say, its a sidegrade. THATS RIGHT I STOLE J00R LINGO!!!!1111ELEVEN
around $400, some of the ones I've been looking at are around $450 though
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I'd spend that money on an amp unless you already have a pretty good one. The Ampeg BA115 is pretty nice and is only $350. The Ashdown Electric Blue 15-180 is $400 but definitly worth it.
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FENDER JAZZ! A p and a jazz are the only basses you will ever need, my friend. Also, learn a major and minor scale and work on those up and down the neck everyday with a metronome. Whatever you do when you practice, alwys use a metronome, it will help you tremendously when you start playing with a drummer, and also jam with as many different musicians as possibele.
I dunno, I just wanna see if I can find a different brand bass, and if I don't, I'll get a j bass.
dude, when i started, i didnt want a fender either, but have you ever played a j-bass? its amazing
but im serious on the metronome thing, if you dont have one, go get one rigth now. practice everyday 1-2 hours with that metronome, in a year, you'll be the best bassists in the city, bro
I haven't really played any bass other than mine.
And I do use a metronome, and sometimes drum tracks.
go to a guitar center, pick out a jazz bass (probably mexican-made, or a used japan) with a reasonable price, play it unplugged for a while, just to get a feel for it, and then plug it in and try all different sounds, there is bound to be one that you love
But, what i would advise, is saving a bit longer, and getting geddy lee sig, thats the best bass ive ever played
just try one out, and see if you like it, you can get it used around $500, but id say definately a jazz bass, and jam with all the people you know, no matter how good or bad you are, or how good or bad they are, thats the best way to improve.
man, im not sure, how much they are. Where do you live? theres gotta be like open jam nights, or check out your school, start an afterschool jam.
I live in Texas, and my parents probably wouldn't drive me to guitar center, much less leave me their. As for school, I'm not sure.

You know you should edit your posts instead of double posting.
oh, you're right, bro.
I live in Tx too, and there are all kinda musicians here, ohh well

just explain to the rents about why you should go to gc, and that you need to make an informed decision, they should understand
hmmm, looks like your $h*t outta luck bro, i dont know what to tell you