I play Dual Rectifiers all the time but I cant get the distortion to sound smooth or warm as tremonti. Its really grainy and harsh. Is it because he has a 15 or 30 band eq? An OD? Tube change? All of the above?

I'm setting up a new rig right now and I'm just wondering if I should go for it or look around. I have a PRS guitar with his pickup in it so the guitar is ok. Its whatever is coming after the guitar I'm having trouble with.

Any help would be awesome
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Last I checked he used a Triple Rectifier.

Heres a vid of tremontis rig (its probably a bit old though).

He also says the settings for his rectifier, its like, bass 10, mid 6, treb 6 or something.

Yea he does live. He uses a dual in the studio. I could kill my family with a tripple recto.
I've read reports that he's switched things up a bit and added a Road King and possibly a Mark IV. Something about a jam session with Petrucci and Batio where Petrucci showed up with three Road Kings and a Mark and sold both of them on the virtues of those two amps. He's already using a Maverick along with a Twin Reverb for his clean tones, I wouldn't expect that to change. If you watch the rig video, he's got a Bogner along with a rack EQ, so that may lend to some of the fatness you're talking about.

EDIT - Pic of Tremonti's amp collection in the studio a few months ago.
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heh, i like the apple logo on his marshall.

don't forget that what you're hearing on the CD has a bunch of studio voodoo going on there... so don't expect your raw amp to get that sound.
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