I was browsing a site and i seen an hughes and kettner amp head for 400 dollars. i heard awesosme things about hughes and kettner but this amp is a modeling amp and i heard many bad things about modeling amps, so my question is is hughes and kettner modeling amp bad?

the amp i am talking about it the matrix i beleive it is called.
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H&K is not immune to the same afflictions that have affected so many other quality name brands. Those afflictions are brand recognition and profit margin. The most obvious example is Marshall, however the problem is much more widespread.

H&K makes some downright fantastic amps covering the entire spectrum from low wattage Class A purist amps to High Gain metal amps, and they do a great job with just about everything (including amps that do everything). However, the curse of the aforementioned afflictions has indeed hit H&K. I'm not saying that the Matrix is complete trash, but I am saying that if you expect the high end quality that H&K is known for, then don't look into the Matrix.
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I have the matrix 112 combo.
For the first few months it sounded good, very good compared to other ss amps, such as MG's, spiders etc but then after about 4 months it started to stuff up.
There was so much feedback i had to get a noise supressor, and i dont have my gain all the way up, so it wasnt that. And now, 2 months after that my footswitch input wont work. Even more problems, sometimes when switching channels (on the amp itself) they just dont change.

So i dont know if i just got a crap one, or if they all like that but yeah.. it does sounds fairly good for a ss amp.
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