i cannot come up with any good sounding guitar piece of my own, anyone have any tips, everything i try to do just sounds lame and the same. It so frustrating not being able to make some good music so any help would be great
it just comes to you. just play all the time. you'll come up with some good riffs

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Look up "melodic patterns" for scales. Basically instead of just going up and down scales ( A B C D E F G for example) you go in patters of 2, 3, 4, etc (like ABC BCD CDE).

Also learn arpeggios (1st, 3rd and 5th note in a scale, like A C and E). That way you can "hop" over notes to mix things up a bit. Experiment with throwing in different techniques (tapping, sweeping) into the mix too.

Sometimes the best way to come up with riffs is just to practice scales, then something just jumps out at you.
Go listen to some music that you dont usually listen to, in particular some prog or experimental because those styles of bands have already experimented to some extreme levels. It will allow you to listen to riffs and arrangements you wouldnt have heard of before and if all goes well can spark some ideas in your mind and get you writing some riffs which you wouldnt have thought of previously.
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If you don't want to look up scales and mess with them until you get a good lick, just think in your head a really good tune that is original, and hum the notes, finding them until you have the lick on guitar, if you can't think of any licks, and have a good friend in your band, or whom you write songs with, ask him to hum a tune that he thinks is rad, then find the notes. It's a great way to start writing simple licks.

It all comes with time. At first you may hate what you come up with, and eventually you'll start to find stuff which you like. And even down the road as you improve you'll begin to hate the stuff you liked, but you can only learn by doing when it comes to music. The more you play the better you'll be, similarly the more you write the better you'll be.