K guys,this may be a stupid thread,but i really need to know ASAP.See,my friend gave me his old electric and i'm super excited to get started..but i only have a acoustic amp...and i don't suppose the electric guitar will work on the acoustic amp? or the electric guitar is just spoilt...
dude maybe it will work.
cause i have an electric and my friend let me borow his BASS AMP and it still woreked.
so maybe
but i already tried,i use the electric on my epiphone 15C amp..doesn't work..could it be that the electric is spoilt?
Yes, it will work.
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SX Telecaster Replica
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15 Watt Mega-amp, lol.
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Yeah, for the longest time I played a semi-hollow ibanez thru my step-dads old fender acoustisonic acoustic combo amp. Didn't have the best distorted tone, but it's not so much of a difference that it will affect your playing. May even give you a tone you like, who knows.
So, an electric through an acoustic amp will still come out sounding decently, if played clean?? I must look into this further....
the amp in my guitar class is for a keyboard, mic/ acoustic
It works in all the slots lmao
so it should work
Just don't expect any distortion...
well, okay then. I was planning on letting my other guitarist handle the distorted stuff, anyway.....I'm sticking to the wah and delay, chorus and stuff.....

If I can get an acoustic amp for cheaper than an electric......
yeah..it can work,but no distortion..just like a plugged in acoustic,haha,just glad it works..now i've got to get the whole guitar cleaned up,it has not been touched..theres this yellow power in the plug slot..any idea?the brands riviera or riveira...i don't any of you guys have heard it?