how would i go about learning this technique? I can single hand tap pretty well, so yeah some pointers on how to do this technique and songs that use it would be great, thanks
theres a vid by kris dahl about look at that
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The Root of All Evil by Dream Theater has a two handed tapping part.
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single hand tap? u mean hammer ons?
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You really want to look at the standard Van Halen technique at first;

(Tap at twelfth fret)

after that, you could move onto tapping across multiple strings.
I second that "The Root Of All Evil" suggestion. The tapping part in that song is actually a pretty good exercise!
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Just kind of put your index finger of your pick hand on, let's say, the 14th fret of the third highest string. Put your other index finger on the 7th fret. Now tap the 14th fret and sort of pick with it by pushing it down and release it in sort of a bend note. Now you'll hear the 7th fret. Immediately tap the 10th fret with your non-pick hand's 2nd or 3rd finger. Do that at like 170 qnpm and you have the two-hand-tapped intro to "Lip Gloss and Black" by Atreyu.
Also keep in mind that you can do this two different ways.

The way I see a lot of people do it is to hammer the tapping finger on the note, then flick it off downward. The way I do it - since Paul Gilbert and Buckethead do it this way - is to do a pull off motion instead.

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