well i just bought a guitar like 2 months ago and i want to learn some new songs like all my friends anyone know of any good songs? that arent to difficult like intermediate-novice?

please put a link to the tabs
Enter sandman - metallica

and i like chorus to icky thump- by the white stripes
sry im not much hlp, and im to lazy to put links
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you want us to link to the tabs FOR YOU? well youre on the site with like 3 billion tabs, look it up yourself!!!

That being said, What style do you play? do you like any bands? or do you expect us to look your profile up too?

anyway, songs for noobs include wonderwall, good riddance by green day, various nirvana stuff, house of the rising sun, take it easy, and the rhythm part to almost any song. also learn intros to under the bridge, stairway to heaven, free bird, and enter sandman.

and also look up little wing by stevie ray vaughan.