I plan on buying a standard strat and putting in 3 new pickups. I play blues and I want a good srv style tone. I use an all tube rig and no digital effects. I want to know if the cost of pickups, plus whatever install and pot upgrades I ought to get and a good setup is worth spending.

My alternative is the deluxe players strat with vintage noiseless pups stock.

I think the neck should be a clean sound for jazz or folk, with really good open chord sounds, almost acoustic. perhaps gold or blue lace sensor, or a vintage noiseless. the mid is probably a texas special for overdriven SRV stuff, and the bridge needs to have some twang/bite. I'm thinking of a tele bridge sound, so either a texas special or another noiseless.
overall I want as much variety as possible. no metal or rock stuff is in my foreseeable future. I should be able to cover from Oasis to ZZ Top to John mayer with my set of pups.

also would it be worth my while to sell the standard pups If I get like 10$ each for them; or should I use them for some zany side project?

I will be buying single pickups off Ebay, and getting them installed by a tech, so let me know if you think it's worth it to spend possibly more than the players strat would cost, and wait a month and maybe kill the warranty to get the exact pickups I want.
anyone who has succeeded in a similiar mod, suggestions are welcome.
...for the SRV tone I would look into Texas Specials...i loved them
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I haven't tried them or the laces yet, but I thought the v. noiseless were only comparable to the john mayer big dippers. I liked them better than americans and scn's.

the srv tone is necessary, but only 1 pickup would go to the texas special, probably the mid.

I want his overdriven texas flood tone, but also lenny and riviera paradise tone on the neck, and also a lot of versatility, maybe I should get a clean pup in the neck and invest in a tubescreamer, I heard he used them...