Depends on what condition the amp is in, what model it is, and if they even except trades at the time, and most amps/guitar sell for waaaaay less the what you paid for it
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I wish it was true, but chances are they won't. The spider is their best selling amp (unfortunately) , so they probably wouldnt give you much at all for just another used modelling amp. However, maybe you can talk them down lower on the b-52 if you point out how much they ripped you off with the spider.
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Modeling amps are WAY low on trade in value. Figure for a mint one, the trade value is usually less than 1/3 of the current market price on a new one. If it's not perfect, the price only goes down. It may be worth it to bide your time until you can find a buyer who's willing to give you twice what the trade in value is.
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no way....that amp has a set price...which means the b-52 wont let them sell it for less...bose does the same thing....but if u end up picking up that amp...let me know how it sounds....id try selling that amp on craigslist...they usually go pretty fast
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Best to sell your Spider privately. Frankly, I think you'll have a tough time getting $200 for it on your own, but GC is unlikely to give you even half of that. Then work out the best deal you can for the B-52. GC builds fluff into their prices, so you should able to get at least $50 off without trying too hard.
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