hey im thinking about purchasing a new electric guitar but i dont have enough knowledge about them to make a good decision. ive had a couple of acoustics but wanna start getting into electric? so what is it that makes a good guitar? what makes humbuckers better than single coil pickups? what does having a hollowbody electric do to make it sound better? where do bridges come into play? that sorta info....something to make my decision easier. i was looking into getting the chris henderson model PRS but after looking at it i couldnt decipher what was so much better than this and a standard les paul so some advice would me much appreciated!
well thanks a lot that was pretty enlightening. there isnt really a genre that i specifically wanted to play....there isnt like an all around good guitar? i wanted to be able to rock out but at the same time be able to shred if i wanted to or get some good blues tunes in as well, as far as amps i am just as clueless.....=/
^ Les Paul, SG or a mahogany Strat might be good for you. I don't know what your budget is, but this is drool worthy, and I don't even like Strats.

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nice very nice yea i was looking at SGs those look pretty nice and as for that strat also very nice. i was looking to spend about that much 1000-1500 tops its a pretty serious investment i dont wanna invest in something ill just replace later... but is that strat as versitile as say a les paul custom or SG? from what ive heard strats are more for playing blues and other things of that nature