Heya everyone
I wrote this song for Amy two days ago.

It's Melodic Metalcore-ish and I really like it.

This song is kinda weird too but I love it like that

Again, I didn't write it to be playabe, I only wrote it for fun.

I hope you like this one too

~Loki <3
song for Amy.zip
~ Please Crit One Of My Songs? ~

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The chords that came in at bar 5 worked well with the acoustic riff. The only thing that I thought could could be done better was the solo that came in at bar 79. You had a lot of fairly emotional passages and leads and then this solo came in that just sounded like a solo for the sake of having a solo, it didnt tie in with the rest of the song. It didnt have that emotional impact that the other lead riffs which the solo shouldve extended.
As the angel kisses me once again
You scream poison as you glare
Your bow and arrow by your side
As if you cared

It's a mour......astral congregation