It just came to me out of the blue, divine inspiration, one might say.

We need a resource to actually develop our skills together, and this is it:

1.) Someone posts a song and someone else takes it, adds to it, remixes it, cleans it up, dumbs it down etc. Add lyrics, instruments, effects, anything at all. Make sure and post applicable info to your song (IE key, tempo, chord progressions, how you want the song to feel etc.)

2.) Anyone can take any song and do anything to it (except flame, we're not all as good as you are at the guitar). It's public domain when you post it.

3.) We make weekly/monthly etc votes and compile some community made songs, and leave them posted at the top for everyone to listen to. Let's make UG's first album!

4.) Please, please, PLEASE, don't spam this thread to death. Don't spam it at all, spam someone elses

5.) Eveyone's a part of the UG BAND (whether you want to be or not )

So here goes.

Here's a song I came up with real quick. It alternates 5/4 and 4/4, it's in A minor, heavy pentatonic, at 120 bpm. Let me know if you can't download it.

UG ALBUM I - untitled
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5.) ?

P.S. I'd recommend Audacity or Reaper for recording stuff, those 2 programs are free, and totally rock.
Actually, this gets done a lot
I wouldn't mind joining though
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Cool idea, but what if we made it on Guitar Pro or something so it didn't keep getting diluted and taking the best parts from everybody's versions? Just a sugestion.

I could definetely do drum tracks and whatnot unless there's a better drummer (I'm fairly good) too.
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swizeet count me in. Now I just need some recording material...
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Great idea in theory, but it never quite pans out, unfortunately.
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