The only amp I have at this moment is the Epiphone practice amp that came with my Les Paul Special II. I've been looking into a new tube amp up to $700 tops. I like playing classic rock, hard rock, and some not extremely-heavy-metal. Think GnR, Queen, Ozzy Osbourne, etc... I'd really like a Vox AC30 since Brian May is one of the first guitar players that I ever admired, but it's a little outside of my price range. Any suggestions? I've been looking into the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, which apparently has nice cleans but not-so-nice distortion, or the Peavey Classic 30, which I haven't really heard anything about tone-wise, but its reputation is golden. I'd ideally like an AC30, what should I be paying for one, tops, for a used one? Thanks in advance.
Ummm.... Vox Custom Classic AC15CC1 15w 1x12. VC30, but 15 less.
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You should be able to find a second hand AC30 in the $700 range. I see 'em on eBay a lot. Don't be afraid of the CC1 model (the bastard stepchild of the AC30 family). I have it, and it's outstanding. You don't want to know what I paid.

The Peavey Delta Blues is a similar amp, that sells for under $700 new.
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