how do you guys practice the flaxibility/strength of you fingers? I found a lot of sites that want us to do this :

In this exercise, we have to place our 1st to 4th finger on the 6 strings, start from 1st frat to 4th frat(without lifting the fingers), then move downward one finger at a time to 12 th frat. With such exercises, we need to bend our wrist.

But in one of the video, an experience old man told use never bend our wrist , here the video :


so how to we reach 6th string without actually bending our wrist?

finally, do you guys do these king of practice as in the figure ? i find it kind of boring.

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i've seen that exercise alot.
one way to make it more interesting is to change the order in which you play the notes,
3142, 4312, 2341, etc.
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i tend to do those kind of excercises as warm-ups...
i find i can hit the four notes on the fat e string quite well without bending too much...
my wrist is bent about maybe 20 to 30 degrees from straight...
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I cant hit the low E without bending my writs either- I think you have to.