I started playing the guitar about 1,5 years ago. I bought a starter pack with a Eastone ST2 Custom guitar and a Kustom 30W Arrow 16. Now I'm starting an indie band together with two friends so I'll have to get a better guitar. The thing is I really have no clue of what to buy. We're going to play something like Libertines, the Cribs, the Rakes. I'm thinking about something around 600$. What do you recommend? Will i have to get a better speaker too?


EDIT: 350$ to 600$
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Buy a Fender Blues Junior, it'll nail the tone you want, and use your current guitar for now. Save up a bit more, and maybe look at a new guitar after. Go for a new amp first.

What amp do you have now?


Yeah, get a new amp first. Or, alternatively:

Epiphone Valve Junior

Epiphone Dot

I use a Dot, and it's great for bands like that in my opinion.
I don't know much about guitars but what I know is that my current guitar is unplayable. I have to tune it all the time:/
Well, I can't tell you what to buy, but I'll give you my opinions.

A MIM Strat, an Epi LP standard, or an Epi Dot would match you greatly. Don't be afraid to go used either. My first guitar was eleven years old, and after 5 years of playing, it's still in great shape. 16 years old, damn reliable piece of **** if I ever saw one.

Yeah, also check out the Vox AD series amps, they're probably a bit cheaper, but still have great tone in the department you're looking.
i recommend a new amp, but if you're going to get a guitar, get a fender telecaster, the rakes use tele's and the Libertines have been known to and i'm sure the Cribs have to
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Woops, sorry I mixed up £ and $ :/ I meant say that i'm looking for a guitar for about 600$! Thanks for the advice so far!
I've found Laney Tf700, 120 w for 730$ and a Epiphone Dot Studio for 360$... i get both for 875$... what do you think about that?