Jesus Christ this is a ridiculous boss battle

Someone give me some advice

MGS3. btw
what the hell are you taliking about?
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She was quite easy when I played. I found Volgin harder (umm hey hey ).

Cant remember how I killed her though.
I used Stun Grenades, Snow Camo and the Thermal Googles.
And rembember to everytime she engages you in close-combat (CQC) press "O" when the "!" shows above Snake's head, this will allow you to counter attack and when she's down give her a couple of kicks and run away.
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use thermal goggles and a sniper rifle. hide in the flowers with snow camo, and shoot her. dont even attempt using cqc on her, u just get owned...
killed her with the tranq gun for the snake camo kit, well actually I killed all bosses with the tranq lol

as said above when ! appears press circle and kick her a few times then run away, rinse and repeat
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I remember this from MGS3, hide with snow camo and snipe her, if she finds you, run awaaay.
Why don't you just google a ****ing walk-through? Jesus Christ indeed.
Change the date on you console apparently, you can make him die of old age. Srsly.

EDIT: sorry im thinking of The End.
Run after her using the Handkerchief lol Seriously, don't heal yourself in the options thing just use the Handkerchief and it'll be over in 3mins at least.