Today i picked up the Digitech Death Metal and it only kost me 50 us$( live in norway and thats very cheap.) The pedal rock! Got really high gain,but you can roll of the high and get that jcm800 sound. I recomend this pedal!
I tried one of those a while back, and was surprised by how good it was for the price. Still, went for a Russian Big Muff Pi in the end instead
see that black cord? thats from a PS... (i think)
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hah you know leaving the pedal with the cords in it drains the batt.

or the worlds battery

ac adaptor
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Lighten up.

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Wow, the rape wagon. The wagon sounds like the best wagon in town
I have the old version of that (DOD brand), and personally i don't like it, i guess if you want extremely high gain, yeah, but mine's just lyin' around
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I don't like that pedal at all. It sounds way too digital for my liking.
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