You know how when you play a song on an acoustic you're often required just to play the chords in time etc. And to do that you adopt a strumming pattern which most people can pull off by just moving there arm in a mechanical way; well I cant seem to do that and need some tips please. When I do it sounds awful!

If the rhythm was ^^v^vv^v ^^v^vv^v -when I try do this using that mechanical arm way of strumming it just comes out ^v^v^v^v^v^v^v and sounds crap.

Ive been playing awhile so it bugs me I cant do this-I usually strum all over the place using my wrist in no particular order -it sounds ok but doesn't really make up a rhythm
don't move your arm in a 'mechanical way'

just try to use your wrist
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Are you a drummer by any chance? Cause my drummer does that exact thing when playing acoustic. Just try to relax, untense yourself a little and just let the rhythm flow rather than trying to get it "right." You'll find that you'll develop you own rhythms after a while that work best for you.

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