You know how when you play a song on an acoustic you're often required just to play the chords in time etc. And to do that you adopt a strumming pattern which most people can pull off by just moving there arm in a mechanical way; well I cant seem to do that and need some tips please. When I do it sounds awful!

If the rhythm was ^ ^ v ^ v v ^ v ^ ^v ^ v v ^ v -when I try do this using that mechanical arm way of strumming it just comes out ^v^v^v^v^v^v^v and sounds crap.

Ive been playing awhile so it bugs me I cant do this-I usually strum all over the place using my wrist in no particular order -it sounds ok but doesn't really make up a rhythm
try untensing your wrist/arm and move it in a really natural way, thats how i play acoustic.
I think you'd benefit from taking a step back and working on simpler rhythms first. Get a metronome and start by practicing just downstrokes in time with quarter notes at a comfortable pace. When you can do this try 8th notes with down up strumming. Once you can do this work upto 16th notes.

When to can comfotrably strum 16th notes then you should be able to get a better grip on more complex rhythms. It's important when learning anything to start slowly and work through it with a metronome. Speed will naturally develop when you learn to play in time.
I play by feel usually. Who cares?
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I play by feel usually. Who cares?

That was a lot of help
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Same here, i have like 4 years playing and i can pull off some licks with 16th notes at 150bpm, but i can't play that well a strumming pattern like the John Mayer songs for example. So, now i'm focus practicing my strumming technique and what have given me the best results, is to play slowly first, gradually speed up and always keep the wrist or arm doing the strumming motion, even when you're not playing the strings.
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