Anyone know anything about the Yamaha LS 500? Found a used one and thought I may pick it up. Yamaha claims that the guitar is handmade for what ever that means coming from Yamaha. Most of the reviews were very good but not sure if I trust them as my wife bought a guitar from a custom builder and he offered to take 100 bucks off the price if she gave the guitar and his name a perfect review.
I bought my Yamaha LS 500 about 5 years ago and paid $900 for it. The first time I picked it up I loved the action but it was rather bright. I was asked to play lead for gospel group in a recording studio and they liked what I could do but didn’t like the strong bass sound I was getting from my $3000 pride and joy. I tried changing out some strings to accommodate the sound they were looking for and it just wasn’t happening. I remembered the LS-500 and took a member of the group and played the guitar at the store. The sound was perfect and not as bright as I remembered but the playability of the guitar just made me playing their music sound that much better and I was getting the sound they wanted. I bought the guitar and we went back to the studio and I did my stuff in just one track. I feel my success today doing gigs and getting jobs at recording studios is a direct result of buying the LS 500.

Seems like almost everyone that has picked up my LS 500 has commented on how well it plays unless they have hudge hands. Every female artist that has picked it up loves it and comments on being the perfect size and how easy it is for them to play. I have had more people offer to buy this guitar than any guitar I have ever owned.

I truly feel that if you can find one at all and especially under $900 you at least owe yourself to pick it up and give it a try. This guitar is a true sleeper that bares the Yamaha name and has just been over looked at the stores. There aren’t many solid wood handmade guitars out there that compare to it for the price new or used. In my eyes this guitar is a collectors item or will be at least for me if I can find another on in new or perfect condition.

You owe it to yourself to spend a little time with this guitar if you can get your hands on one. See if you can put some new strings on it so you can really hear the sound that this guitar is capable of.

As you can tell...I'm still pretty excited about this guitar after all these years.

PS I had mine amplified and glad I did.
Check out New Yamaha LS 500 on craigslist in Gainesville Florida.