K guys,apparently i got a surprise from my friend..he gave me this old guitar of his which is branded Riviera.All most everything is rusted,as in screws and stuff like that.Missin whammy bar,but other then that, its quite fine.My friend made a wild guess on how much it cost and he said 200..thats even cheaper den my acoustic guitar..like uh...But i was thinking,hey you know what?Why bother buying a fender mexico fat strat HSS when i've already got a guitar?

I was thinking of changing all 3 single coils (this riviera guitar looks exactly like a fender,except the neck) into 3 other single coils fender uses,swap the neck to a fender neck and maybe just for a little detail replace the front plate to a white,so it really looks like a fender (mines a black by the way,)

My other friend says thats its a good idea.What do you guys think? swap the 3 single coils,swap the neck and swap the front plate all for fender factory items. Oh yeah,and change maybe little tiny details like the metal plug thing into a brand new one(lots of scratches) and the cover at the back of the guitar.I really think that this will save me quite abit of cash and my after product will still sound like a fender,but i'm doing this mostly because this guitar is kinda seasoned,well i think...Its old but i don;t know whether changing all the main parts like the coils and the neck will cancel the ''seasonsy''...Well,any recomendations on what else i can change? **please note that my LAST resort would be to buy a brand new guitar**
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depends what you play, but id stick in some really hot single coils
but ya i htink its a good idea, maybe change the rusted parts too
yes,of course i would. I was even thinking of a paint job..i play funk rock and rock,mostly songs like the ones RHCP play...any recomendations on which coils? under fender that is...maybe a mix =D haha,yeah..maybe a mix...den you think changing the neck would be a good idea? how much does a good coil normal cost,just one. And maybe if i have extra cash,repaint the guitar
Hey,are all coils of the same size? i;'m worried that the fender ones might not fit..
which set of coils should i get? preferbly fender coils,thiers are meant for funk,and i play funk