I was just wondering what are some good songs that i can learn on my acoustic and play/perform them by myself, no bass or drums involved. I learned Thirteen by Big Star and i thought that was a really good song. Anything else out there? I'm really into indie/alternative and hate metal. But i also like my share of classic rock. Please dont mention Green Day.
hmm. Wonderwall-Oasis? not only is it indie/alternative, but it's an amazing song.

you can play a lot of oasis songs acoustic and they still sound good.
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Always and Never by Coheed and Cambria if u sing while playing that. Light and the Glass by Coheed sounds good acoustic as well, but there again comes a problem singing while playing that as well.
angelina-tommy emmanuel? it's a bit difficult though...
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type Acoustic into the search bar under Song Title - you'll get thousands thats what i did
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