learn the Stairway to Heaven solo
its not exactly "shred" but helps with pentatonic patterns which are often used it shred
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The licks in this lesson...


i found to be pretty usefull. And this lesson gives a good lesson on sweeping and where/when/how to use it.

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Check this out
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Check out Kristopher Dahl's lessons on UG TV
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yeah who ever said far beyond the sun, thats an ez one to get started on. its really repetative and its really not that difficult
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This doesn't belong here.

You also gave no indication as to what level you are at.
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You also gave no indication as to what level you are at.

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If you want to get started, then buy a few shred albums, I would definitely recommend Vai's "Passion and Warefare", some great shred tunes there.
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