ive been playing other peoples stuff for years and never got my head around improvising, dunno why! maybe i was making it too difficult for my self.

anyway after a guy at work seen me play he was very surprised i couldnt play along to a backing.

he give me some tips (basically learn the minor pentatonic shape) and i bought a fender g dec amp. anyway after about 5 mins i sussed it.

but now im wanting to go further into it.

so at the min im paying along to blues and rock tracks in the minor pentatonic scale but what scales would i use for say a latin track??

cheers for any advice
Santana uses Dorian scales alot, but he's Santana, and knows how to play that sorta stuff well.
Try the pyrigian scale or the phyrigian dominant if you want a more latin or eastern sound. I used the pyrigian dominant for my demo song, the solos are all improvised too.

This site has some pretty good fretboard diagrams for most of the popular scales: http://jguitar.com/scaledictionary.jsp
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cheers boys.

i have scales book so i'll refer to that
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Aeolian can be accented to be latin, but if you want the full mile, go dorian... Harmonic minor is good but lacking the latin taste that makes the music... dorian.