i bet a sig jcm800 would cost more than its worth. if you dont care about cleans,ive heard the peavey windsor is very jcm800ish.
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Dude. Kerry King NEEDS NO COMBO. Combos just aren't metal. Unless you're talking about the 3$ combo at taco bell made with horse meat, because that's the only stuff a true metal musician can aford.

But seriously, I doubt very much that they will make a combo.
JCM800 combo *shivers*

I very much doubt that will ever happen.
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It's just like a normal JCM800 but more expensive though?

P.S. I never realised amp heads were that huge! I mean, MY GOD!
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JCM800 combo *shivers*

I very much doubt that will ever happen.
You can buy JCM800 combos off eBay, dumbass. God knows why they stopped making them to make the JCM2000s instead. The 2000s are just mediocre, the 800 is the definitive Marshall sound, they've obviously stopped bothering making good amps to focus on production of the painfully poor MGs...
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I laugh whenever I see Kerry King. Why? Because when he headbangs he looks like a giant bearded penis.