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Screw newspaper art!
17 81%
Newspaper art ftw!
4 19%
Voters: 21.

Doesn't it just piss you off if there's like newspaper cut outs used on some arts (that's my girlfriends rough of her GCSE thing). I mean, it jsut pisses you off how much modern art consists of cut out newspaper articles and titles...and it's so dumb when people who make them thing that 'wow, I'm so abstract and ****'. Well they are not! This is extremely overused and unoriginal. I agree that some people have different tastes, but this is just plain lame.

I used to be in an English school, and all everyone did was newspaper art...

God damnit, can't they make something pleasing to the eye, and interesting anymore?

Here, you're going to need this:

Not that I find "newspaper art" particularly stimulating.
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Damn newspaper art makes me so mad!
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Here, you're going to need this:

Not that I find "newspaper art" particularly stimulating.

i don't get it
I'm much too creative and talented to resort to newspaper art.
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i don't get it

lol. dont worry about it.

i dont really like it either. i mean, im sure someone has done some piece of art like that which i would enjoy. i just dont like it in general. it seems boring.
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i don't get it

i think its saying " want some cheese with that whine?" :p
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