Background: I'm a righty playing as a lefty because my left hand is F'ed up. nuff said.

So I'm using my left hand as my strumming hand. The right hand is actually coming along rather nicely as a fretting hand (not unexpected) However I'm still having difficulties strumming. So I'm looking for various strumming exercises that can help me develop better control of my left hand.

One problem I have is when playing the 12 bar blues. As you know, you only have to hit two strings for each note. Sometimes I hit both strings just fine. However I quite often miss either the upper or lower string. This can happen on any of the notes.

BTW, if I flip the guitar and just do some strumming with my right hand, I hit everything perfectly. I did this just to make sure it was not the guitar.

So, any suggestions. I'm sure there are several lefties that are playing righty and may be having or have had the same issue.

Thx in advance,
Th3 B3@v
well obviously hes gota stik with the left cuz his right hand is mesd up, hes askin us for ADVICE on how to improve not on wat instrument to play -.-
ok so well im a lefty playing a right handed guitar, ive been playin seriously for around 2 years, but when i first mesd around with the guitar it was 5 years ago, and my teacher nver askd me wat 'hand' i was so he presumed i was a righty, so im not sure if holding a right handed guitar felt awkward to me at the time.
but right now it feels perfectly normal, my strumming is going alone perfectly fine, it comes with time. the only problem u might find is alternate picking, string skipping, and advanced palm muting, as im really struggling with those, especially constant gallop palm mutes, like in triviums song 'rain'.
so im considering buyin a lefty and tryin it out and c if i progress faster,
my words of advice to u: just keep practicing, trust me the strumming is the easy part, its the advanced stuff which is really hard to nail using ur weaker hand -.-