At college in Music we learn to write lyrics. We are told to find an instrumental peice (its a project) and listen to what the music is TELLING us. Now thats ok I acn deal with that but we have to see what the music represents. The example was a jouney. I just can't see it. Have I totally missed the point? How would you go about it?
find an intrumental that starts (in your mind), in one place, and when you finish you feel like it's taken you somewhere. Basically find an instrumentle that moves you or persuades you to think a certain way. then just write down what the song makes you feel and boom your done

a good song to choose is Orion by Metallica, very moving in my mind

foolish minister,
again you have mistaken
its absolute power over
this body i have taken
This child belongs to me now
to the one who reigns in hell
the demon of great power
the demon SAMAEL!